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Spanners, Sockets and Wrenches.

C.K and Avit Ranges

Individual sockets and accessories

All the C.K individual sockets and accessories have ½” square drive.

Sockets are available in a full range of sizes from 10 to 34mm and are all Bi-hex.

For reaching down in deep recesses, there are a couple of extension bar options:

There are 125mm and 250mm versions, which of course can be used together. In fact any amount can be clipped together if needs be.

But sometimes access is not straight forward, in which case the universal joint comes into play:

OK, so that covers sockets and how we can get the sockets to reach the job, we now need something to turn it with...

Socket handles

Flexible handle

A flexible handle is simply a length of bar with a pivoting square drive at the end for connecting to the socket

The benefit of the flexible handle is that it gives high leverage and the ability to drive at an angle to the socket, its drawback is that unless there is 360 degrees of free space around the nut, the socket has to be continually replaced on the nut.

Socket handles

Ratchet handle

It’s where space is restricted that ratchet handles come into play and C.K has two to choose from, basically they are the same in function, the only difference being the number of teeth.

The yellow handled version has 45 teeth and the black handled version has 24 teeth. As we mentioned previously the 24 teeth version has stronger teeth and can deal with much heavier work.

Both ratchet handles have a push button release mechanism which makes adding or removing sockets or accessories easy. They also both have a lever to change the direction of rotation.

As we mentioned previously, if it is necessary to precisely control the torque being applied to the nut or bolt, a torque wrench is needed:

The C.K torque wrench features:

  • The ability to apply torque of between 42 to 210Nm (30 to 154 lb-ft)

  • A micrometer type sleeve for accurate torque setting

  • Calibrated in both Nm and lb-ft with the markings permanently etched on the barrel

  • A certificate of calibration

  • 120mm extension bar and a ½” to 3/8” drive adapter

  • A strong protective storage case

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