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Pliers and Cutters.

C.K and Avit Pliers and Cutters

Waterpump pliers

All C.K waterpump pliers are constructed using box joints. This means that the pivot is supported on both sides of the jaw. While this is more complicated to manufacture, the end product is stronger and will last longer.

C.K Speedlok waterpump pliers

This is a patented design (see picture above) which has a very convenient slide to adjust mechanism.

Opening the pliers wide allows you to slide the jaws wide open then simply slide the jaws together over whatever is being gripped for the perfect fit.

This is a very quick and convenient mechanism when compared to traditional adjustment arrangements.

The jaws are also nice and slim which is helpful when working in confined spaces.

The pliers are available in 250 and 300mm sizes.

C.K Maxi waterpump pliers

These are the standard pattern of waterpump pliers having jaws which can be set at 7 positions.

As with the Speedlok waterpump pliers, the jaws are slim to get into tight spots.

Avit waterpump pliers

The Avit waterpump pliers are easily adjustable with a sure grip, thanks to their carbon steel construction at the business end and soft grip handles.

  • Strong Carbon Steel

  • Black nickle finish for protection

  • Soft and comfy grips

  • 250mm size.

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