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Pliers and Cutters.

C.K and Avit Pliers and Cutters

C.K cable cutters

A traditional tool used for cutting and stripping cable up to 13mm. These cutters are made from high quality steel hardened and tempered so that they cut accurately time after time.

Heavy duty cable cutters

The C. K heavy duty cable cutters are drop forged alloy steel, available in 160 and 210mm sizes.

The cutters use a shearing action for clean cuts and feature razor sharp parrot beak blades for effortless cuts through copper and Aluminium wire (not steel reinforced).

Cutting capacity:
165mm size – 16mm
210mm size – 20mm

They are available in 210 and 240mm sizes that have a cutting capacity of 11mm and 13mm respectively.

Ratchet cable cutters

This compact cable cutter with a ratchet mechanism is designed to effortlessly cut up to 32mm diameter cable.

Its main features are:

  • Heavy duty steel construction

  • High quality chrome molybdenum profile blade for effortless cuts

  • Integral locking mechanism for safe storage

  • Impact resistant, anti-slip handles for safety

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