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Pliers and Cutters.

C.K and Avit Pliers and Cutters

Heavy duty ratchet cable cutter 

The heavy duty ratchet cable cutters feature high-grade special tool steel cutting jaws, which have been hardened for an extended working life. 

The heavy duty ratchet ratchet action allows the user to effortlessly cut through large diameter cables. 

They are suitable for copper and aluminium cables up to 52 mm⌀ and SWA cable up to 36 mm⌀. 

Heavy duty cable shears

Again, featuring high-grade cutting jaws which have been forged and hardened,these heavy duty cable shears are suitable for cutting large diameter copper and aluminium cables up to 27 mm⌀. The parrot-beak cutting jaws are designed to prevent cable slippage. 

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