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All About Shackles

Shackles - Standard, Long and Closed

As well as featuring different metals, padlock shackles also come in different lengths for different applications:

Long shackle

This is an extended version of the standard shackle and is used to lock items such as gates where a hasp and staple wouldn't be possible.

Standard shackle

This is the normal sized shackle that the padlock is usually shipped with. The size is determined by the manufacturer in each case but it is usually suitable for most hasp and staple applications.

Closed Shackle

In a closed shackle padlock the body of the padlock comes up over part of the shackle and protects it from attack. Once this kind of shackle has been locked in a hasp and staple it becomes almost completely enclosed, this keeps the most vulnerable part of the padlock safely hidden from any one wanting to break it.

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