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Types of Hammer

Claw hammer

The claw hammer gets its name from the curved claw which is used to pull out nails. The claw is specially designed to grip all sizes of nails.

Using a claw hammer

Here are two handy hints to make pulling out nails that little bit easier:

1. Protect the surface of the work by placing a piece of hardboard under the head of the hammer

2. To pull out a long nail, go at it in stages using a block of wood to raise the hammer head and provide leverage.

The C.K and Avit range of claw hammers have all been designed to offer outstanding performance and for ease of use the claw shape has been carefully designed so that the angle of the claw gives maximum leverage with minimum effort.

C.K and Avit claw hammers:

C.K Single Piece Forged Claw Hammer

This premium range of professional quality Claw hammers have the head and shaft forged from a single piece of steel - they can give a very serious beating without any worry about the head-shaft joint.

The contoured handle has a shock absorption system - so you can deliver the power without the pain.

The weight of the head and the shaft have been balanced to make using the hammer feel light and effortless.

Available in 16 and 20oz weights.

C.K & Avit Fibreglass shafted Claw hammers

C.K - Like the single piece forged hammer these fibreglass handled hammers are again professional quality. They are available in 16oz and 20oz and also feature a shock absorption system - power without pain.


Avit - A budget version fibreglass shafted hammer featuring ergonomic rubber grips and available in 16 and 20oz versions.

C.K Steel Claw hammer

This range of C.K steel shafted hammers has been specially designed to stand out. The handles are brightly coloured in Yellow, Orange and Green to make them easy to spot on site or in the toolbox.

The colours also define the weight of the hammer Yellow is 8oz, Orange is 16oz and Green is 20oz.

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