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Types of Hammer

Club (lump) hammer

A club hammer is a general purpose hammer offering everything a builder needs.

Its weight means that it will deliver a big blow, so it can be used for positioning paving slabs, a whole range of demolition tasks, chipping and chiseling jobs.

Its full Sunday best name is 'Masons Club hammer' but its most often referred to now as a club or lump hammer.

Obviously, this hammer gets a lots of abuse. The handle to head joint is critically important, which is why the latest C.K club hammer is drop forged from a single piece of steel and offers the benefits of an anti-vibration handle.

However, C.K still offers the traditional pattern, since a lot of people do like the feel of a wooden handle.

As with the C.K club hammers, the head of the Avit club hammer has been hardened and tempered for durability. 

The damage resistant fibreglass handle also features a shock-absorbing non-slip grip for safety. 

Sledge hammer

Sledge hammers

Sledge hammers are the big brothers of club hammers, having a long handle. two square ground faces and a large chamfer around the face to allow for the inevitable missed blows.

Since the force that these hammers can generate is massive, it is critically important that the quality of the steel and heat treatment is the best, otherwise splitting and splintering could cause serious injury.

C.K sledge hammers feature a strong fibreglass shaft that soaks up hammer shock and the top of the shaft features a rubber protective 'boot' that protects the shaft from damage in use and adds another level of vibration damping - very helpful in preventing Repetitive Strain injuries and good for health and safety.

The Avit sledge hammers feature a hardened forged steel head with an hickory handle and are available in 7 lb, 10 lb, and 14 lb. 

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