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Types of Hammer

Mortar pick

A mortar pick is a chipping hammer specially designed to chip mortar from between bricks - largely for re-pointing work.

One end of the hammer has a chisel edge and the other one a point.

The C.K Mortar Pick features a contoured grip which is comfortable - and it needs to be, many blows will be struck in a working session!

The shaft is tubular steel for strength.

To give it protection from the elements and prevent rusting it is also chrome plated.

Brick (bricklayers') hammer

This odd looking hammer is a specialist tool for bricklayers.

Brick hammer

The chisel (pointed) end is used to cut bricks cleanly and has a very sharp ground cutting edge.

Once the bricks have been laid, the blunt face is used to tap them into place.

This is a hammer that's going to be used outside a lot, so the tubular steel shaft is protected from rusting with chrome plating.

The handle is contoured to give a good grip in what can be very mucky conditions.

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