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MightyRod Cable Rod Set 3.3m

The MightyRod Cable Rod Set 3.3m which is suited for tight access situations.  Each fibreglass rod is 33cm long which offers a convenient alternative to full length rods and they are supplied in a storage tube sized to fit most toolboxes for quick and easy use. 


  • Conveniently sized set for storage in toolbox or tool bag

  • Ideal for tight access applications 

  • Combined total length of 3.3m 

  • 'Mighty-Fix’ connectors

  • 5mmØ rods offer the optimal blend if rigidity & flexibility 

10m MightyRod Kit

The MightyRod kit features high sheen fibreglass rods with super tough Mighty-Fix connectors. This 

• 10 meters of high sheen 1m fibreglass rods with 5mmØ

• 3 time saving accessories for pulling, pushing, hooking and navigating
• Super tough ‘Mighty-Fix’ zinc plated steel connectors


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