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Electricians' Tools. 

Wire Stripping

Automatic wire stripper

For repetitive stripping of cables and wire, the automatic wire stripper, pictured right, is the perfect tool for electricians. 

It features a heavy duty construction and the steel blades have been hardened for outstanding long term performance. 

Round and flat cables up to 6 mm in diameter can be stripped in just two clicks using the automatic wire stripper: 

  • Click 1 - removes the outer casing

  • Click 2 - strips the inner connections

An adjustable length stop, pictured on the left, ensures precise results each time and a micro adjustment knob allows wires as small as 0.2 mm in diameter to be stripped. 

The automatic wire stripper also features an integrated wire cutter (HRC - 40-50) and crimping jaws for use with insulated and non-insulated terminals. 

Check out the video below to see the automatic wire strippers in action: 

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