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Module three: Core Electrician's Tools

Screwdriver Types


Engineer's Screwdrivers

This is a slotted type screwdriver with a flared tip. Ideal for general purpose uses with slotted head screws.


Instrument Screwdriver

This is a slotted screwdriver with a parallel tip. This is designed for turning a screw at the bottom of a hole or in other restricted spaces.


Strikethrough Screwdriver

This is a screwdriver where the blade goes right through the handle. At the top of the handle is a striking plate.


Ratchet Screwdriver

Ratchet screwdrivers allows screws to be loosened or tightened without releasing grip on the handle. This is convenient for keeping a constant pressure on the screw and keeping the tip in place.

The drive can be changed from clockwise to anticlockwise rotation. In addition the ratchet can be locked so that the driver acts as a normal screwdriver.


Stubby Screwdriver

Stubby screwdrivers are shortened versions of regular screwdrivers. Useful for cramped spaces where access to screws is much tighter.

More torque is required form the user for operation, as the blade is much shorter, there is no flex in the shaft.


Precision Screwdriver

An evolution to the watchmakers screwdriver, a precision screwdriver has a free spinning cap, so the user can apply pressure with their palm/finger, then spin the screwdriver with precision as they do not need to apply pressure with the turning hands/fingers.

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