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Screwdriver Head Types

Module three: Core Electrician's Tools

Screwdriver Tip Types-01.png


  • Traditionally the oldest type of scredriver tip.

  • Aren’t as widely favoured any more due to the ease of cam-out, which can damage work.

Screwdrivers for these screws are produced to ISO 2380 and DI

Screwdriver Tip Types-03.png


  • Commonly known as PZD/SDV.

  • More torque can be applied to tighten a screw than can be achieved by a standard Phillips type screwdriver.

  • Screwdrivers for these screws are produced to DIN/ISO 8764.

Screwdriver Tip Types-02.png


  • Patented by Phillips in 1936, this is the original cross slot design. It centres the screwdriver in the slot and prevents the screwdriver slipping out sideways in use.

  • Screwdrivers for these screws are produced to DIN/ISO 8764

Screwdriver Tip Types-06.png


  • Most often found in engineering, or self assembly furniture.

  • Hex key is also known as an Allen®, Inbus, Zeta or Unbrako key.

  • Also available with a ball end to use at an off angle.

Screwdriver Tip Types-04.png


  • Typically used in the electronics and automotive industries.

  • Developed by Textron in the USA.

  • Designed to resist cam out better than Phillips, PZD and slotted screws.

Screwdriver Tip Types-05.png

Anti-Tamper Torx

  • Has a host in the centre of the screw head that stops a standard TORX driver from being used.

  • Wisely used on public structures - play equipment, bus stops, etc.

Screwdriver Tip Types-07.png


  • A modulo screwdriver combines the tip types of a slotted and Pozi tip type screwdriver.

  • High resistance to Cam-out

  • Often known as a Plus Minus screwdriver

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