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Module three: Core Electrician's Tools

Screwdriver Handles


See below the different types of handle construction

Wood handles

Traditional style

Generally aren’t used in the electrical trade, as they don’t provide the user with any major benefits.


Dual Component handles

Most commonly seen in the electrical trade, screwdrivers have handles moulded from dual compounds giving a hard plastic core for blade security with a soft grip surface for grip and control.


Cellulose Acetate

A much harder type of plastic, which is smooth and wipe clean and has a high torque design, more commonly seen in engineering and construction. However they are useful for the electrical trade, as the strike-through type screwdrivers are made with this handle type.


Handle attachment.

There are two ways to make the blade-to-handle join; moulding the handle around the blade or pushing the blade into the handle.

Moulding the handle around the blade is a very reliable method, In the cut section image on the right, you can see that the wings on the top of the blade are completely surrounded by the injection moulded plastic. This is the manufacturing method used on all C.K screwdrivers.

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