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Tape Measures.

The Hook

The hook is the part at the end of the blade that hooks over an edge or presses into the ground to help measurement. At first it seems simple but there are several things you need to know:


True zero hooks

You may have noticed that the hook on the end of a tape measure moves slightly. This is intentional, but why does it do it?


It's to make sure that both inside and outside measurements are accurate.

True zero

Outside measurements

Here the hook has slip out, allowing the end of the tape blade to line up exactly with the edge of the surface.

Internal measurements

Here the hook slides in allowing the end of the tape blade to touch the wall.

Hooks with this range of movement are called true zero hooks and all C.K™ and Avit™ tapes feature them.

Hook reinforcement

The sign of a good quality tape is that the back of the hook will have a steel reinforcing strip. This prevents damage to the tape end on recoil and provides a tough anchor for the rivets.

It goes without saying that all products from Carl Kammerling International are built this way for professional performance.

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