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Trimming Knives.

History and Development

The knife is one of the earliest tools of all and as a vital tool for hunters and craftsmen alike. It has significantly contributed to the development of humankind and it’s impossible to imagine life without being able to cut and shape things.

Trimming knives in their current form have been around since the 1930s when commercial Aluminium casting and steel production offered exciting new design possibilities.


From the earliest designs, trimming knives have evolved in design and now offer better safety, performance and convenience, consequently trimming knives are a very popular tool that can be found in every toolkit from trade to DIY.

They have a number of other frequently used names such as; Stanley knife, Utility knife, Box cutter, Razor blade knife, Carpet knife, Wallpaper knife and Stationery knife.

The development of trimming knives has taken two distinct directions, those that use trapezoidal blades and those that use segmented blades. 

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