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Pliers and Cutters.

Types of Pliers and Cutters

If you just have a look at the pipe work in a bathroom you will see that there is a variety of water and waste pipes, all using different sized fittings.

For this reason Waterpump pliers were developed to be adjustable to give a variety of jaw openings. This makes them a very versatile tool that actually finds loads of applications in a wide variety of industries.

Waterpump pliers

Waterpump pliers were originally developed to work on plumbing fittings and pipe work.

The strongest design of Waterpump pliers features what is known as a box joint. In the picture on the left, can you see how one jaw is fed through the body of the other?

This means that the pivot is fully supported at each side, making it strong and long lasting.

All the waterpump pliers in the C.K and Avit range feature box joint construction.

There are two types of adjustment mechanisms used to change the position of the jaws:

The first type used on Avit and C.K waterpump pliers, has a flat surface machined on to the pivot pin. When the pliers are fully open it allows the pivot to be repositioned to give the correct size jaw opening.

The second type used on the C.K Speedlok waterpump pliers features a 'slide to adjust' mechanism for fast and accurate size adjustment.

Since access is quite often a problem, it is preferable that water pump pliers have thin jaws – as you might expect, all C.K and Avit water pump pliers feature thin jaws.

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