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Pliers and Cutters.

Types of Pliers and Cutters


The combicutter3 is the fully featured version with wire stripping notches, wire bending anvil and a 3.5mm patress screw shear.

This quote from a long serving electrician neatly sums the combicutter advantage:


This simply features the patress screw shear and is for those who prefer traditional stripping and bending techniques. 


Offering the benefits of a patress screw shear and stripping notches – ideal for those who recognise the benefits of effortless and quick wire stripping, but are comfortable with their wire bending skills.

"This week I have found the new Combicutter3 to be just great, saves me having to keep picking up others to strip, cut, bend to make off terminals etc. Great tool, I have been in the trade for 41 years and have used several sets of cutters over this time, these come up on top"

However, further research revealed that approximately 35% of electricians would prefer slightly larger versions – purely because they would better suit those with larger hands. We responed with the Combicutter Max range:

Combicutter Max

These are larger versions of the Combicutter, having the same stripping, bending and screw cutting facilities, but, with the extra leverage available we added a second 4mm screw cutting facility.

This is because electricians also often need to cut 4mm screws to length as they're used on the cover plates for steel conduit.

Sales of the Combicutters have been phenomenal and are a part of the C.K success story – C.K is the leading brand in the UK electrical wholesale market and it is through insight and innovations like the Combicutter that we'll stay there.


Continental Europe uses different wires and electrical equipment to the UK, so they have no need for the bending or screw shearing features of the Combicutter or Combicutter Max range. But they do strip insulation back so they face some of the same difficulties. To meet this need we offer a side cutter with just with the wire stripping notches.

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