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Pliers and Cutters. 

Types of Pliers and Cutters

Wire stripping pliers

These are pliers dedicated to the task of stripping insulation from wires. The blades feature two opposing ‘V’ notches that can be set to cut to a specific diameter for repetitive wire stripping.

The brass adjustment screw gives fine adjustment and has a locking nut to keep them set at the right setting.

Wire stripping pliers

Heavy duty side cutters

These side cutters feature longer handles for greater leverage and a heavy duty blade/head construction.

A much more developed set of wire stripping pliers is available in the form of the C.K automatic wire strippers.

These automatically adjust to the wire size and can strip both the outer and inner insulation with impressive speed. They strip the insulation with absolutely no chance of damaging the inner copper wire.

A micro adjustment knob allows wires smaller than 0.2mm square to be stripped.

In addition they can be used to cut wire and crimp insulated and non insulated terminals.

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