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Pliers and Cutters.

Types of Pliers and Cutters

For example the Avit side cutters are general purpose side cutters. The blades are configured to cut up to 2mm diameter medium hard wire, but they could be damaged if used on hard wire.

Hard wire side cutters

These are side cutters with cutting edges specifically engineered to cut through hard wire. The 180mm version will cut through hard wire up to 2mm in diameter.

Obviously they will deal with softer wire with ease and they are a good all round side cutter for a wide variety of trades and jobs.

Hard wire side cutters

Side cutters

Side cutters are also known as:

  • Diagonal cutting pliers

  • Diagonal cutting nippers

  • Side cutting nippers

These are pliers that are specifically designed to cut wire - that's it!

But not all wire is the same and that's why there are different versions of side cutters available.

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