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Pliers and Cutters. 

Types of Pliers and Cutters

Snipe nose pliers

There is a range of alternate names for these types of pliers including:

  • Radio pliers

  • Telephone pliers

  • Needle nose pliers

  • Long chain pliers

  • Long nose pliers

However, they are simply a type of combination pliers specially adapted for working in confined spaces, for example placing small washers or nuts on to fittings and assembling wiring in tight spots.

Like the combination pliers, the curved serrated jaw part is designed for gripping round metal rods or tubes. It can also be used for holding screw heads or nuts.

Snipe nose pliers do have cutting blades, however since the pliers are purposefully made more compact, they have smaller cutting blades than standard combination pliers.

For even more convenience there is a version of the snipe nose pliers that has an angled nose - these are called bent nose pliers.

Both these types of pliers are particularly suited to work where there is very little room for manoeuvre.

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