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Pliers and Cutters. 

C.K and Avit Pliers and Cutters

Classic pliers

Our basic range of general purpose pliers, the classic range has dipped PVC handles. However, they are still manufactured to stringent DIN and ISO standards.

The range:                           140mm      160mm          180mm          200mm

Combination pliers                   ​ 

Side cutters

Heavy duty side cutters

Snipe nose pliers

Circlip pliers

German manufactured to the highest quality, C.K circlip pliers conform to DIN5254 and DIN5256.

They are made from drop forged allow steel they feature precision ground and fully hardened tips.

The range:                                140mm         180mm          220mm          300mm

Inside pliers - straight fine

Inside pliers - straight

Outside pliers - straight fine

Outside pliers - straight

Inside pliers - bent fine

Inside pliers - bent

Outside pliers - bent fine

Outside pliers - bent

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