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C.K soldering and de-soldering

For repairing electronic (and some electrical) circuits an essential tool is a soldering iron.

The C.K range consists of two sizes – a 25W and 40W version, (the higher the wattage the more heat is generated) this is so that the right amount of heat can be applied to different sizes of soldering work.

Using too much heat can damage the components in the vicinity of the soldering job. Too little heat will make the solder unlikely to flow properly to make a good joint.

C.K soldering irons have special tips designed to give a long working life and work effectively with lead free solder (now used on all new equipment in a move to protect the environment). Lead free solder typically requires higher temperatures to melt.

If a component is to be removed, it is often the case that the molten solder needs to be removed before the component can be released. This is where the C.K de-soldering tool comes in handy.

The de-soldering tool is basically a suction pump. When the red spring loaded plunger is pushed down it is ready to be used. Releasing the plunger by pushing the red button then creates a vacuum at the nozzle.

So, when the solder is molten, the nozzle is aimed at it. When the red button is pushed the plunger is released and the molten solder is sucked into the pump.

There is plenty of capacity in the pump (14.5cm ) so work can continue uninterrupted. To empty the pump it is a simple matter of unscrewing the nozzle.

The pump is made from ESD glass fibre reinforced nylon which is heat resistant. The nozzle (which is replaceable) is made from carbon fibre to withstand the higher molten solder temperatures at the tip.

The suction pressure can be increased or decreased by turning the plunger spring around.


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