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ESD and Precision Tools.

ESD and Precision Products


If you look at the surface of a printed circuit board, you will see that many of the components have slots of some kind in the top.

This is for fine tuning and adjusting the electronics once the board is assembled. This activity is called 'trimming'.

Since trimming the components puts you directly in contact with them, often when the circuitry is live, it is essential that absolutely no electricity can pass through the trimming tool either way. This protects both the equipment and the technician.

Additionally any magnetic field generated can severely damage the operation of electronic components such as computer chips.

Trimming tools therefore have to offer 100% electrical insulation and be non magnetic, therefore traditional metal shafted drivers can not be used.

To satisfy these requirements C.K trimmers address this with the use of ceramic or plastic blades, which we will take a look at now.

C.K trimmers

Ceramic trimmers

C.K ceramic trimmers use an extremely pure Zirconium-oxide ceramic. This gives a non static and non magnetic blade. The blade is embedded into a plastic antistatic handle.

Whilst it is expensive, ceramic is used because it offers a lot of advantages:

  • No electromagnetic induction

  • 100% electrical insulation

  • 100% non magnetic

  • Unequalled resistance to wear. It is in fact 10x better than metal and 100x better than plastic

  • Total blade heat resistance up to 1000°C 

  • Extremely low thermal conductivity

  • 100% rustproof

  • Highly resistant to strong acids (other than Hydrofluoric)

  • Anti stick surface to prevent solder adhering to the surface

  • Contamination free blades make them suitable for clean rooms (rooms with a controlled environment free from dust and contaminants)

Trimmers are available with both Slotted and Phillips tips.

Rather than have a series of individual trimmers, the C.K Four-in-One ceramic trimmer offers an attractive option.

Each of the two red inserts can be reversed to reveal a different blade, hence the Four-in-One name.

Protective caps are provided to keep the blades safe in storage.

There are two models available to offer a variety of tips.

Plastic trimmers

Plastic trimmers offer a lower cost option for less frequent use.

C.K offer a set of 7 with a variety of tips to suit a wide range of electronic components.

For an economy set of basic plastic trimmers the C.K 4857 set offers great value for money. Not really intended for frequent use they are ideal for maintenance or repair engineers to have available when needed.

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