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Module four: Specialist Electrician's Tools

Power Tool Accessories 


Power Tool Accessories

As an electrician, it is more or less guaranteed that a power tool is going to be used at some point, usually daily. For this reason, it’s important to be aware of the different types that are most commonly used in the work place, below are just a few of the most common.


Power tool types: Drills

A power drill is an electrical motor that spins a replaceable drill bit to make a hole in wood, plastic,  metal, or masonry. a standard power drill has a chuck which can adjust to different sizes of drill bit, it can be used with HEX or straight shank drill bits.

The different type of drill bits used will be covered shortly.


Impact driver

An impact driver is a high torque tool, which uses a ball bearing type inserting action which locks the bit in place. the internal mechanism produces more torque than power drills, and in quick impacts. The quick impacts happen around 50 times a second, giving the impact driver its name!


Rotary hammer drill

Hammer drills are used strictly with SDS bits, this is where the bit is held loosely in the chuck.

Rotary hammer drills twist like a normal power drill, but also strike the back of the bit, which helps the drill to cut through harder materials such as stone and masonry. The addition of the punching force makes the bit cut through the maretial quicker.



A multitool is a power tool which has a range of accessories for a wide variety of uses. The blade oscillates, rather than rotates or reciprocates, which gives the user a more control and allows for more precision and accuracy.

The accessories are offset from the main body of the multitool and this allows for exact positioning and flush cutting which is ideal for working with floorboards, chasing out a wall, notching etc.



Jigsaws are also a tool that every tradesperson owns, great for cutting shapes and odd shaped holes, they are fast and convenient. To an extent though, their performance relies heavily on the standard of Jigsaw blade they fit into it.

Like all saws, the cutting performance relies on how the teeth are configured, it is generally important to pick the right blade for the job in hand.

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