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Cable Rods and Draw Tapes 


Module three: Core Electrician's Tools

Before discussing the different types of cable rods, its important to understand the key differences between cable rods and draw tapes. The main difference is that a draw tape is a long reem of wire, which is all connected, cable rods on the other hand are modular and come in a range of different types and sizes, and can be arranged in a specific way which solves the issue of the task at hand.


The key difference between each rod is the thickness, generally the thinner the rod, the more flexible it is, generally you would lead with the thinner rods so that any difficult obstacle is easily navigated in confined areas.

MightyRod PRO cable rods encompass a fusion of advanced technological features that deliver the ultimate in cable rod performance. The durable SplinterSHIELD coating fully encases the inner fibreglass rod to prevent harmful splintering.

Cable rods don't just pull single cables, so they need to be strong and pull substantial weights. This means that the connectors need to stay connected - not just at the end but at each point where another rod is connected, otherwise there is a risk of losing rods or the cable being pulled.

Because of this, C.K cable rods feature triple bonded steel connectors which have been glued, indented and crimped, resulting in a tensile strength in excess of 275kg! Their ultra-thin profile to prevent snagging and to fit through narrow holes.

In order to make the cable rods even more useful, accessories are available to help solve any additional issues encountered during work.

  • Flexi lead - mini flexible coiled wire rod for navigating obstacles

  • Ring - secures cables during routing

  • Hook - enables the hooking and retrieval of cables

  • Gender changer - changes rod gender from male to female

  • Flat bullet - female thread protector/cleaner

  • In-line swivel - prevents accidental unscrewing of rods while routing

  • Domed bullet - aids the travel of rods across hard surfaces

  • Torch - LED torch to illuminate the way

  • Magnet - lifts objects of up to 3kg in weight

  • Chain - use with the magnet attachment to fish through a run of rod



Domed Bullet 

Flat Bullet 

Flexi Lead  

Gender Changer


In-line Swivel 




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