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ESD and Precision Products

Cutting Edge Performance​

Standard C.K pliers have the metal in the area around the cutting edges specially hardened by precisely heating them and quenching (dunking) them in a special liquid.

To increase the cutting capacity and increase the range of different hardness of wire that can be cut requires very special cutting edges – ultra hard.

Extra hard or tough materials e.g. piano wire, nickel and diode wires are often encountered in today’s electronics and aerospace industries.

And this is where Tungsten carbide comes in handy – made from an element called Wolframite (symbol W2C) it is extremely hard, durable and expensive.

To keep things reasonable, Tungsten carbide cutting edges are brazed in to the plier's jaw.

C.K pliers with Tungsten carbide cutting edges are more expensive than standard pliers, however, they offer substantially longer life and can deal with much harder wire in bigger diameters.

Time now to look at the different pliers types available:

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