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ESD and Precision Tools.

ESD and Precision Products

Introduction to Pliers and Cutters

All C.K pliers and cutters are manufactured in Germany using the highest quality materials and stringent quality controls to ensure precise repeatable results.

We carefully select different high alloy carbon and chrome vanadium steel to match the varying demands of each product.

Hot drop forging is used to give maximum strength to our tools through optimizing the grain structure.

The box joint construction of our pliers and cutters uses a specialised technique to physically slot one half of the pliers through the other. Although more difficult to manufacture, the double supported pivot gives smooth and accurate action, longer product life and removes the need for re-adjustment.

Spot welded double leaf springs – this means that the springs are permanently attached, removing the need for replacement or adjustment.

The action of each pair of pliers is therefore consistent and controlled with no maintenance or repair costs.

The micro-fine polished steel surface provides an attractive rust resistant surface. But perhaps more importantly, there is no risk of any coating flaking off and causing damage to circuits and components.

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