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Module three: Core Electrician's Tools

Wire Stripping


Electrician's Lock Knife

The electrician's knife is a trusty tool which is widely used in industry for wire stripping, and many other cutting activities. It features a durable, sharp, high carbon steel blade, with a built in notch for efficient and convenient cable and wire stripping.

It’s a simple tool that is trusted widely due to its simplicity and traditional use for wire stripping.

VDE Cable sheath stripping knife

Mainly used for removing outer sheathing of cables, the VDE Sheath stripping knife features a specially designed stainless steel blade which cuts on both the pull and push strokes. It is also supplied with a protective cap for safe storage.

It has a comfortable dual component handle which is VDE Approved - tested to 10,000V for safe working up to 1,000.




Manually stripping wire is a long, laborious and skill based task, and the chance of damaging the wire is quite high, in order to reduce the risk of damage with the inner wire, and to make the whole process quicker, there are other options available.

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