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Module three: Core Electrician's Tools

Premium Tool Storage 


Wearable tool storage

Moving away from solid units of tool storage, we also need to look at what is available in terms of wearable tool storage. Wearable tool storage is useful for fast paced work, having all your vital tools on your person makes moving through repetitive work quicker and easier.

Below we’ll have a look at some vital wearable storage products which are useful for an electricians work.


Compact Padded Belt

The compact padded belt is a tough Heavy Duty construction padded tool belt which is durable, and comfortable, fully adjustable from 28-46” waists. It also includes heavy duty quick release buckle for easy attachment/removal.

The reason this specific wearable is useful for an electrician is because it can be combined with a range of tool storage solutions which makes accessing tools quicker and easier.

The compact padded belt can be combined with the following wearable tool solutions:

  • Essential Tool Pouch

  • Universal Drill Holster

  • Hammer Loop

  • Trimming Knife Holder

  • Mobile Phone Pouch

  • Tape Measure Holder

  • Nail Pouch

  • Universal Pouch

By combining these useful storage solutions to the job at hand, you can imagine how this could cut down time from having to go back and forth from the tool case/rucksack, meaning that the work gets done much quicker.

Let’s have a look at one in more detail.


Universal Tool Pouch.

The universal tool pouch is a multifunctional wearable tool storage solution, which has 10 easy access vertical storage pockets and holders for safe and organised work. It can be securely mounted to a tool belt, or alternatively carried with the useful handle.

It includes a cut-proof plastic re-enforced knife pocket, along with a useful adhesive tape clip and tape measure storage clip, it gives all your essential tools a specific space to be kept, which is always accessible.

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