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Module three: Core Electrician's Tools


Electrician's Pliers

As we can see, a pair of pliers has a range of benefits which are invaluable for electricians, but they could be better…

Which is why the electrician's pliers were designed, specially made for use by electricians, including a range of new features which are useful in everyday use.

Tapered Nose

The nose of the electrician's pliers has been tapered to make it much easier to work in tight spaces.

Square gutter nut holder

The plier also includes a square holder for gutter nuts, which are used with roofing bolts. Roofing bolts and gutter nuts are widely used in the electrical trade for installing cable channels and struts.

Vertical nail/pin holder

The vertical nail/pin holder will hold the nail/pin in place 90° to the surface which the nail is being driven into. It also removes the risk of hammering your fingers! Useful for when you need to hammer any nails in place, for example fixing plastic channel wire capping after chasing a wall.

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