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Module four: Specialist Electrician's Tools

Power Tool Accessories: Drill Bits 


Metal drill Bits - HSS and HSS Cobalt

A metal drill bit can be easily identified by the sharp tip, and the fact that that metal drill bits have the same diameter along the entire length.

HSS Metal Drill bits have tips which are ground at an angle of 118°, This angle on the tip aids in drilling into softer metallic materials such as copper or aluminium.

There are also 135° Metal drill bits available, these 135° have a split point, which makes penetration of metal effortless, as the split point prevents "drill walk".

Roll forged from High Speed Steel, the C.K range of drill bits for metal conform to the requirements of DIN 338.

Available in metric sizes 1 to 13mm in 0.5mm steps and Imperial 1/16” to ½”.

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