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History And Development

Module one: History 




History : The oldest screwdrivers were slotted, as the screws were generally easier to produce by hacksawing into the head and filing a thread.

A traditional screwdriver will be slotted with a simple wooden handle.


Development : Today, screws have been massively engineered to suit specific purposes, this in turn has drove the change in design of the screwdriver itself.

Rarely are wooden handles seen today, the handles are now predominantly made from polymer, which is safer, and easier to produce on a mass scale



History : Pliers were invented around 2000BC to grip hot objects - mainly iron as it was being forged into shape. Possibly the oldest illustrations of pliers are those showing the Greek god Hesphaestus in his smithy.


Development : The basic design of pliers has changed very little since their origins with the pair of handles, the pivot and the head section with its gripping jaws or cutting edges forming the key parts. The only major development has been the specialised engineering which has enabled different types of pliers be made specifically for their respective trades.

Tool Storage


History :Historically tool storage was achieved with Metal or wooden boxes, which were heavy and not at all portable


Development : Today, tool storage has been made much lighter, with the users needs been placed in mind. Modern materials and components have made tools storage much safer and, more convenient. 

The most important development for hand tools has been the dedication to improve design and use for the safety of the user, this has come about in terms of the materials used, and the standards put in place by legislation and safety testing.

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