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Module three: Core Electrician's Tools



This simply features the patress screw shear and is for those who prefer traditional stripping and bending techniques.


Combicutter 2

Offering the benefits of a pattress screw shear and stripping notches – ideal for those who recognise the benefits of effortless and quick wire stripping, but are comfortable with their wire bending skills.


Combicutter 3

The combicutter3 is the fully featured version with wire stripping notches, wire bending anvil, and a 3.5mm pattress screw shear.

This quote from a long serving electrician neatly sums the combicutter advantage:

"This week I have found the new Combicutter3 to be just great, saves me having to keep picking up others to strip, cut, bend to make off terminals etc. Great tool, I have been in the trade for 41 years and have used several sets of cutters over this time, these come up on top"

431008_OVERHEAD copy.jpg

However, further research revealed that approximately 35% of electricians would prefer slightly larger versions – purely because they would better suit those with larger hands. We responded with the Combicutter Max range:

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