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In addition to the crimps connectors on the previous page;  there are a range of crimp connectors referred to as boot lace ferrules, ferrules or end feed ferrules.


Boot lace ferrules are crimp connectors that slip over the end of multi-strand wire. The nose of the ferrule is then crimped on to the wire. This makes the end of the wire perfectly suited to be inserted into a terminal and screwed down.

Crimping Pliers.

Crimp Connectors - Boot Lace Ferrules

Above,  you can see the crimp pattern left by the crimping tool - this makes sure that the wire is retained securely. Now when the terminal screw is tightened down, the wires can not splay and break.

There are several different sizes of boot lace ferrules since there are lots of wires with varying outside diameters.


Having taken a look at the crimp connectors commonly used, let’s now take a look at the tools that can be used to make sure the connection is safe and secure

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