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Crimping Pliers.

The C.K Range - Ratchet Crimping Pliers

Ratchet crimping pliers: Coax

Item number: 430026

For BNC or TNC connectors to fit cable sizes: 58, 59, 62, 8X, 140, 141, 174, 210, 223, 303 and 400. 

Ratchet crimping pliers: Modular plugs

Both of the pliers below have the facility to cut the wires to length and prepare them for assembly into the plug.

The cutting blades on the underside of the pliers will cut the wires to exactly the right length to insert into the plug. Once the wires have been inserted to the right positions, the ratchet pliers can be used to finish the job of making the connections and securing the cable.

Item number: 430020

For modular plugs ref; 4P2C, 4P4C, 6P4C (RJ11), 6P6C (RJ12), 8P8C (RJ45) and 6P6C/Offset

Item number: 430028

For modular plugs ref; 8P8C (RJ45), 6P6C (RJ12) and 6P4C (RJ11)

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