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Crimping Pliers.

The C.K Range - Ratchet Crimping Pliers

Ratchet crimping pliers: Boot lace ferrules

There are three ratchet crimping pliers for boot lace ferrules – this is to cover the wide range of wire sizes (and ferrules) commonly encountered.

The C.K range of ratchet crimping pliers has been constructed to the highest standards. The pliers have been tested to 40,000 cycles and are guaranteed to give flawless results up to 30,000 cycles.


All the pliers in the range feature:


  • Precision investment cast crimping dies – hardened for long life performance

  • Heavy duty steel body construction

  • Contoured grip for comfort

  • Factory set crimp pressure for the best results

  • A lock to hold the pliers closed for convenient storage

Item number: 430018

Small ferrules (0.14 - 2.5mm  )


Item Number: 430029

Medium ferrules (0.25 - 6.0 mm  )


Item number: 430022

Large ferrules (10 - 25mm  )


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