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Tool Storage.

Wearable Fabric Storage

MA2738 - Padded Tool Belt Set

An economical way to offer a kitted up tool belt is to offer a belt set. 

The padded toolbelt set is manufactured from durable polyester and has a wide back panel and additional padding for extra comfort and support. It also features a securing clip to stop the belt pulling through loops when loaded. 

Padded Tool Belt Set


  • Padded Belt

  • Tool Pouch (MA2736)

  • Drill Holster (MA2737)


MA2729 - Technician's Vest

Perfectly suited to the technician who needs to get into tight spaces and have tools and equipment to hand.

The Technician's Vest features:

  • Durable polyester construction with a mesh lining for comfort and breath-ability

  • Fully adjustable to make it comfortable and secure

  • 14 pockets and holders for tools, equipment and mobile phone

  • Reflective strips for visibility on site

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