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ESD and Precision Tools.

ESD and Precision Products

C.K Tweezers

There are two ranges of tweezers in the C.K range – Carbofib ESD and Precision.

These tweezers are fully ESD compliant and offer a number of beneficial properties:

  • Rust free

  • Antimagnetic

  • Acid resistant

  • Protective of sensitive surfaces

  • Strong and durable

  • Heat resistant up to 2700°C

Carbofib ESD tweezers have a tip manufactured from carbon fibre mounted on to stainless steel bows.

C.K Precision tweezers are available in a wide range of types and materials. The materials used are Antimagnetic Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardened Carbon Steel or Ceramic.

Antimagnetic stainless steel

No mystery about one of its properties, but the rest are:

  • Stainless (no rust)

  • Resistant to normal acids and vapours

  • Not as hard as stainless steel or hardened carbon steel

Stainless steel


  • Good corrosion resistance

  • Harder allowing finer tips

  • Slightly magnetic

Carbon steel hardened

To give some level of corrosion protection, all the tweezers made from Carbon steel are coated either with nickel or a paint type coating. Obviously after use, the coating can be damaged leaving the potential for corrosion to set in.

Its other properties are:

  • Long life

  • Very strong

  • Low cost

  • Highly magnetic


These Precision tweezers have tips manufactured from ceramic mounted on to stainless steel bows.

This material is actually called zirconia- ceramic aluminium and it has a number of very attractive properties:

  • No electromagnetic induction

  • 100% electric insulation

  • 100% non-magnetic

  • 100% non-static

  • Unequalled resistance to wear, up to 10 times better than metal

  • Heat resistant up to 1000°C

  • Extremely low thermal conductivity

  • 100% corrosion resistance

  • Highly resistant to all strong acids – other than Hydrofluoric

  • Solder (soft and hard) can not adhere to the surface

The drawbacks are that they are quite costly and the tips are sensitive to misuse.

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